It’s not over yet….but Ed Lee declares victory anyway

  1. Ed Lee sounds like he’s giving a victory speech, after one early round of results #sfmayor. “Let’s celebrate tonight, let’s go to work”
  2. Interim mayor Ed Lee giving what almost sounds like a victory speech ….hear it on CBS 5 at 10 & 11
  3. “@MCHammer: Ed Lee Celebration !!!!” EL Dee celebration.
  4. LIVE BLOG: Mayor Ed Lee speaks on election night
  5. Looks like Ed Lee is the Mayor of San Francisco –
  6. Unsurprisingly, many were upset, and some used angry hashtags to express their feelings.
  7. Why is Ed Lee declaring victory w 30% of the vote? #sfmayor #chinatownvotingfraud
  8. Channel 7 says 1% of percents reporting. Ed Lee is already giving his acceptance speech? What a douche. #votesutro
  9. Telling that the only positive mentions of Ed Lee on #sfmayor are promoted tweets. Everything you need to know.
  10. RT @johnjwyatt: Spineless Ed Lee- When he spoke at his party, said almost nothing & gave the mic to Willie …
  11. Ed Lee for mayor? Massive earthquakes have screwed this city less. #SFMayor #SFElection
  12. I’m kinda disappointed in the people who didn’t vote and those who think Ed Lee would be a good Mayor.
  13. “I promise you I will not run for Mayor!” Ed Lee. #electioneering #occupysf #occupyoakland #ows
  14. With the existence of an “anyone but Ed Lee” campaign in San Francisco it’s no surprise that there is a lot of animosity on the web over his seeming victory in tonight’s election.

    However, as the old cliché goes, ‘time will tell’ – in this case, whether Lee jumped the gun tonight or not. Ranked choice voting has already provided us with some surprising upsets, we only need to look across the bay to Oakland for proof of that.

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