BoxingSF Winter Championship [PHOTOS]

BoxingSF held their Winter Championship last Friday at the ILWU Longshoremen’s Hall near Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. 24 fighters fought in 12 matches including a brief intermission before the final three matches.

It was my first time shooting boxing, and there were lots of challenges to making good images. I was limited to the corners of the ring, so as not to impede the view of paying customers, (makes sense), I had to shoot through the ropes at an upward angle, and the most difficult to overcome- shooting fast moving action in low light. I bumped the ISO to 2500 grudgingly, and tried to shoot no slower than 200th/sec, faster when I thought I could get away with it- but with a maximum aperture of 2.8 shooting with a fast enough shutter speed while allowing enough light in to light the scene and give good sharpness was extremely difficult. Here are the images I like the best. How do you think they came out?

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